The 40 most popular sunglasses on Amazon for men and women

To succeed on Amazon, your sunglasses must be cheap.

There is a little more nuance: for success on Amazon, your sunglasses need to scream value for money — unlike a customer who is willing to pay a premium for your brand, people browsing Amazon adopt a bargain-hunting mentality and care little about brand.

A high search result on Amazon can translate to high revenues with minimal marketing because of high customer intent — they're already searching for sunglasses.

If you want to succeed on Amazon, take a look at some of the bestselling sunglasses on the platform: you will learn what shapes to sell and how to price them!

Here are the 40 most popular sunglasses on Amazon for men and women

I compiled this list on September 8, 2022.

The most successful sunglasses products on Amazon are under $30 per pair, and their shapes are the standard ones like Wayfarer, Round, Rectangle and Aviator.

Given these facts, succeeding on Amazon requires you to prioritise affordability and basic shapes over brand and marketing.

If you're prepared to optimise for Amazon, you will enjoy high sales volumes but at the cost of low margins.

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