Our Story

We built the world's first Shopify app for helping eyewear stores sell prescription lenses online. Here's how we got started.

In March 2020, our co-founder Ming needed an easy way to sell prescription lenses on his eyewear store, but no such solution existed.

He was three years into building his Singapore-based sunglasses brand when Singapore, where over 80% of adults need vision correction, went into lockdown, and everyone wanted blue-light-blocking prescription glasses.

He couldn't afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars building custom prescription functionality for his store, and there were no prescription apps on the Shopify app store.

Enter Zenos: an ex-software engineer from Microsoft looking for a problem to solve.

Together, they reached out to hundreds of other online eyewear stores, developed a solution to meet all their needs and launched their idea on the Shopify app store in September 2020.

From just an idea, LensAdvisor has grown into an essential eyewear app that enables hundreds of eyewear stores to offer prescription lenses to millions of customers worlwide.