Unlimited Prescription Types
Support all prescription types from Single Vision (Distance, Near or Reading) to Multifocal (Progressive, Bifocal), as well as non-prescription and frame only.

Online Prescription Submission
Make it easy for customers to send you their prescriptions via a variety of methods such as file upload, manual entry, email later and even doctor referral.

Unlimited lenses
Offer customers an endless selection of lenses including and beyond clear, sun and photochromic (light-responsive).

Lens Options
Empower customers to customise their lenses with variant options, such as colour, index, coatings.

Upsells and Cross-sells
Increase revenue by making it easy for customers to browse and add complementary products.

Prescription Limits
Use conditional logic to display or hide lenses based on prescription values.

Contact Lenses
Allow customers to enter their prescription and select the number of contact lenses they need per eye.

Bulk assign products by collection
Activate prescription lens flows on hundreds of products in seconds.

Multi-currency support
Allow customers to convert prices into local currencies.

Multi-language translations
Translate the entire buying journey into words your customers understand.

Optical Labs
Partner with online-friendly optical labs to add prescription lenses to your frames.

The Problem

"Processing the orders manually took so much time that I simply couldn't scale." It's 2019. Ming, one of our co-founders and owner of Rocket Eyewear, has just hit his first million in e-commerce sales. He's projecting a significant increase in profit for 2020...ifhe can scale his prescription lenses sales for the higher demand. But as it was, it was impossible to keep processing prescriptions manually- there were too many emails and too long of a lead time. Poor feedback was common, since people hated waiting weeks for their prescription to clear and their glasses shipped.

Enter: LensAdvizor.