It's possible to add custom properties. This is data that will be added to the Lens product's properties. Any HTML input with 'la-properties[name]', where 'name' is any name that you choose, will be added to the Lens as a custom property.

document.addEventListener('LensAdvizor:prescriptionTypes:rendered', function(){
    // When the Prescription Types are created, add in the hidden input(s)
    hiddenInputText = `
      <input id="hiddenTryOnProperty" type="hidden" name='la-properties[Try On]' value="Yes" >
    wrapper = document.querySelector('.la-prescription-modal-wrapper')
    wrapper.insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend', hiddenInputText)    

The Problem

"Processing the orders manually took so much time that I simply couldn't scale." It's 2019. Ming, one of our co-founders and owner of Rocket Eyewear, has just hit his first million in e-commerce sales. He's projecting a significant increase in profit for 2020...ifhe can scale his prescription lenses sales for the higher demand. But as it was, it was impossible to keep processing prescriptions manually- there were too many emails and too long of a lead time. Poor feedback was common, since people hated waiting weeks for their prescription to clear and their glasses shipped.

Enter: LensAdvizor.