Tips and Tricks for an Eye-catching Eyewear Product Page

Tips and Tricks for an Eye-catching Eyewear Product Page

With all the new shopping dates invented in the last few years, the competition to catch a customer’s attention has increased. The pandemic has certainly not helped matters, with an estimated increase of $2.18 billion in online shopping since 2019.

So what can eyewear shop owners do to make their products more attractive? Here are 3 easy tips you can do immediately with your online store.

1. Use quality photos to showcase your eyewear

An image grabs your attention immediately, and an ideal product marketing visual will evoke positive emotions within your potential customer. Take high quality photos that shows your eyewear in action. For example, show how cool your sunglasses look like when on the beach, or when biking or hiking. For clear glasses, try some visuals like reading, using the computer or other common activities. Then put them front and centre and excite your customers with the possibilities!

2. Feature reviews or ratings for your eyewear

Positive reviews are a significant factor in a purchase, as 9 out of 10 customers look at reviews before purchase. Capitalise on this by encouraging positive reviews from your customers and showcasing the top reviews. A single 5 star review can increase purchase rates by 3.5 times! You can put the reviews below the description of the product, or even as part of the carousel images! Experiment with the positioning to see what increases conversion rates for you.

3. Have an intuitive product flow on the page

The experience of adding something to a cart should be easy and done on the same page as the product. This means that you shouldn’t be redirecting your customer away from the page. For some stores, this is difficult because they partner with other brands for prescription lens sales, and they have to provide that redirect. You can bring the entire flow into your own site by installing plugins that can streamline and process your orders properly. For Shopify users, LensAdvizor provides that service by allowing your customers to buy prescription lenses when they are checking out a pair of eyewear. Take a look at our demo pages to see what your customers will go through!

Overall, the key to a dazzling product page is to make sure that your customers want to stay on the page. Through good visuals, high ratings and a pleasant checkout experience will do wonders for your purchase rates.

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