9 Seasonal Warby Parker email newsletter examples for eyewear stores

Are you looking for email newsletter ideas for marketing glasses or sunglasses to your customers?

Because most people change their glasses or sunglasses only once every one to years, you may find yourself wondering what kinds of emails you can send to your customers without seeming spammy and irrelevant.

Fortunately, seasons offer many occasions to send email campaigns to your customers and bring their attention back to your store — and few brands do email marketing better than Warby Parker.

Scroll down to see how Warby Parker capitalizes on seasons to send timely, relevant email newsletters to customers throughout the year.

Table of Contents (Seasons)

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
  4. Winter


From January through March, Warby Parker focuses on emails that celebrate the new year, the easing of winter and the beginning of spring. As summer is the major season for selling sunglasses, Warby Parker sends many emails about sunglasses to stay top of mind when summer arrives.

Date Jan 28, 2022
Subject Line Spring's around the corner
Preheader Text But new sunglasses are already here!
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Date Mar 2, 2022
Subject Line With winter on its way out
Preheader Text These spring frames are ready to shine
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Summer time for Warby Parker is all about sunglasses. Every week from May through July, Warby Parker sends emails centred around travel, the beach and the weather in a bid to spur customers to purchase a pair of sunglasses.

Date May 11, 2022
Subject Line Summer Sun is here
Preheader Text Warm on up already
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Date Jun 10, 2022
Subject Line Our summer motto
Preheader Text It's time to find your "It" frame
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Date Jul 30, 2022
Subject Line Headed to the beach?
Preheader Text Here's our guide to having good vision
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In the fall, Warby Parker reverts their focus to glasses and contact lenses, positioning them as back-to-school and back-to-work essentials.

Date Aug 10, 2022
Subject Line Introducing Fall 2022
Preheader Text C'mon, come in!
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Date Aug 13, 2022
Subject Line Our kind of school supplies
Preheader Text Get eyewear and eye exams at a shop near you.
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A singular focus on vision health insurance defines Warby Parker's winter email newsletter strategy: they want you to use your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Saving Account) to pay for Warby Parker glasses.

As December 31 approaches, their email marketing intensifies to a daily frequency, reminding customers to act before their FSA dollars expire.

Date Dec 29, 2021
Subject Line PSA for FSA
Preheader Text Use it up on prescription eyewear, contacts, eye exams, and more.
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Date Dec 30, 2021
Subject Line
The countdown is on
Preheader Text Don't let your FSA slip away
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Although glasses are a relatively low frequency-of-purchase item, the seasons offer eyewear stores many opportunities to promote products to your customers in a timely, relevant manner.

In the fall, as students return to school, you can think about promoting glasses and contact lenses.

In the winter, with you can remind corporates that they can use their vision health insurance plans to buy glasses.

Spring and summer are all about sun and sunglasses!

As long as you follow Warby Parker's playbook and orient your marketing strategy around the seasons, email marketing should prove an effective way to re-engage your customers!

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